Human computer (robot) interaction:


Real-time 3D head tracking was my initial PhD project, results presented as ICCV2001 demo. Human-computer interaction remained my spare time activity for some time. As result the free webcam games were created. Later I was involved in final robot demo of autonomous visual and audio interaction with users for the EU COGNIRON(2004-2007) project.

3D head tracking (avi, 1.4MB)
Webcam games(website)
Real-time user 3D pose - wireless smart camera network(Xvid, 2.5MB)
Robot omnidirectional camera people detection (avi, 1.5MB)

Motion detection and tracking was the main topic of my PhD project. My background subtraction code is used by a number of companies and histogram based tracking using EM shift algorithm is also popular. Some results were also used later in distributed multicamera surveillance project (2003-2004). In 2007-2008 I was involved in designing integrated low power wireless smart cameras surveillance soultion at NXP semiconductors.

Noisy video motion detection (avi, 1.3MB)
Background subtraction code (webpage)
Distributed multicamera surveillance project (webpage)


Embedded video processing:

Constructing maps from omnidirectional and regular cameras, laser range scanners, ultrasound and other sensors during EU COGNIRON(2004-2007) project. Detecting rooms, object, people and interacting with people was studied. Some results are commercially used.

Robot navigation, graph representation (avi, 0.6MB)

At NXP Semiconductors I work on integrated video processing solutions for the TV market. Number of improvements introduced for the products in the areas of the film material detection, noise artefact reduction, de-interlacing, motion estimation and frame rate conversion.


Database multimedia retrieval:

I was also a part of two secure multimedia database projects: Secure multimedia retrieval -SUMMER (2001-2002) and Digital media warehouse - DMW (2001).