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My projects, papers, code: sensor fusion, computer vision, machine learning, human-computer(robot) interaction, gesture control, surveillance, smart environments ...
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Webcam games (recovered webpage of the vintage games)
ICCE2012: "Mid-Air Interactive Display Using Modulated Display Light"
ICCE 2012: "3DTV with glasses detection for 2D/3D switching"
IJCV Journal Spedcial Issue and ICCV 2011 HCI workshop: International Workshop on Human-Computer Interaction: Real-time vision aspects of natural user interfaces!
RSS 2010 paper: "Efficient probabilistic planar robot motion estimation given pairs of images", code to come ...
CVIU 2010 paper: "Wireless smart camera network for real-time human 3D pose reconstruction", Movie (Xbox Kinect proposal 2007)
CVIU 2009 paper: "Approximate Bayesian methods for kernel-based object tracking", Updated EM shift Matlab code (Dec 2010)